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At TalentHyve, we know it takes more than a killer design portfolio to be successful in today’s business and creative environment.

In addition to creativity, we also look for strong social and communication skills, a coachable temperament and other important factors that help identify the best junior UX talent to help get the job done. We interview rigorously for key qualities to find the perfect fit to meet your needs.

We interview and screen candidates in these four primary areas:


Creativity involves more than just flashy design work. Our candidates show aptitude for a wide range of UX skills, from sketching and black-and-white wireframes to animation and interactive design.


We determine whether each candidate is able to work with moving deadlines, changing creative direction, ambiguity and other factors. Flexibility is required to succeed in today’s creative environment.

Communication/Social Skills

We understand the importance of working with junior UX professionals who have strong communication and social skills in order to complement your existing team. That’s make sure you work with talented professionals who have great “soft skills.”


Feedback is critical to success in the UX field, in order to ensure project success and to achieve corporate goals. We look for creative talent with a willingness to learn and grow. No “design divas” here!


What’s our Secret?

Because we’re based in Savannah, Georgia, we have access to a robust pipeline of junior creative talent, with undergraduate and graduate-level degrees, in every aspect of the user experience domain. We help you recruit the “best and brightest” graduates from one of the top design colleges in the U.S.

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