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Headquartered in Savannah, Ga, TalentHyve is a staffing firm specifically focused on sourcing Jr & Mid-level creative talent with credentials from some of the world’s most preeminent design schools.  Leveraging the low cost of living in Savannah, we are able to provide curated, vetted UX talent at near-shore prices. We connect companies with fresh, ambitious talent to augment their corporate creative team. TalentHyve offers a complete array of today’s UX services, all based on-shore, with industry leadership spanning over 30 years. In today’s competitive economy, outstanding User Experience is a requirement. Whether it is for your internal applications to streamline productivity and process, or to provide your external customers ease-of-use and quality interactions with your associates, companies who are leaders in their industry employ an experience-first mentality. 

Because we are based in Savannah, GA, we have unprecedented access to a never-ending robust pipeline of creative talent, with undergraduate and graduate level degrees, in every aspect of the Experience domain. We specialize in fresh, new talent, recruiting the “best and brightest” graduates from one of the top design schools in the world, right here in our own backyard. 

·       User Experience
·       User Interface
·       Graphic Design/Visual Design
·       Interactive Design
·       Animation
·       Illustration
·       Design Thinking
·       Service Design/Blueprinting
·       Design Thinking

The force behind TalentHyve is the Hyve Master, Hannah Byrne. A proven entrepreneur, successful global consultant and a creative herself, she’s spent the last 30 years as a creative innovator. Hannah and her team of seasoned creative leaders, personally source and vet talent in direct relationship to your company’s requirement.  Because of our extensive knowledge of the industry, we only select the most talented candidates to become part of the Hyve. Having hired creative talent for three decades for our own agencies and in-house corporate jobs, we know exactly what type of candidates will work best for your projects, as well as who will fit within your organizational culture.  We know that it takes more than a killer design portfolio to be successful in today’s business environment. This depth of knowledge allows us to bring together the best practices of the Agency world, with the reality of the enterprise. We can create a team as large or as small as needed for your firm, and we can grow talent to be housed within your own organization, when you’re ready for it.

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